Bienvenidos Spanish @ The Berkeley School 2011-12


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    Wecome to The Berkeley School 2011-12 school year.  My name is Rennea and I will be the Spanish teacher for your child this year.  I am originally from Venezuela and began teaching Spanish over 20 years when my children were school-age and were loosing their Spanish.  Today they are bilingual and biliterate. 

    I want to invite you to partner with us in allowing your child find the joy of learning a new language and connecting with different cultures.  At The Berkeley School we are working to integrate music, art, physical education and Spanish into your students whole-person education.  Learning a second language gives your children a cognitive edge and enriches their life by offering a wider perspective of global community.  Our approach is to make language meaningful and useful to them in the real world.  We help the students understand how language is learned and we use different approaches to adapt to different learning styles.  We will give your children the tools for communication and will initiate them to a deeper understanding of our world’s diversity.

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- La Maestra de Español