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This letter to Obama, through, which basically states what many of us Venezuelans are experiencing from the goverment.  EVERYDAY people are protesting peacefully and unarmed and clamoring our rights. Click here

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This letter to Obama through the asks for specific attention to Human Right Violations and sanctions towards the responsible goverment.  Click here.


1.    The killing of unarmed citizens (including two Catholic Priests) peacefully exercising their constitutional right to protest

2.    The illegal prohibition to protest without a permit

3.    The Venezuelan Government’s use of the public force and illegal armed militias to terrorize citizens

4.    The Venezuelan Government’s use of the public force to protect illegal armed militias

5.    The violation of the private property by the public forces, which have illegally open fire, thrown tear gas and even break into civilian residences

6.    Nicolas Maduro’s orders to shoot at protesters (broadcasted throughout the media in Venezuela)

7.    The illegal imprisonment of Leopoldo Lopez without the proper due process

8.    The lack of proper legal proceedings in accusing and keeping Leopoldo Lopez in a military prison

9.    The censorship of all types of media channels

10. The multiple violations to human rights documented through civilian videos (including but not limited to persecution, assault, unlawful detention, torture and so called “disappearance of civilians”)

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Impose sanctions against members of the Nicolas Maduro regime who continuously commit Human Rights violations.

Since February 2014, students from Venezuelan universities have been protesting high inflation rates, food shortages, high crime rates, and human rights abuses, a consequence of a country oppressed by a regime where there is no separation of powers and no accountability. Maduro’s disproportionate response--beating, jailing, torturing and killing-- is being overlooked by the world as media outlets have been censored. We appreciate the swift response that the US Congress have taken through legislation. However, it is not enough. Maduro’s regime continues its heinous attacks against Venezuelans. We ask that stiff sanctions be enacted against human rights violators in Venezuela and that H.R.4229 be enacted when it comes to President’s Obama’s desk for signature.

A Voice for Democracy in Vzla

Created: Mar 16, 2014